The origin of Jiemaw

JIEMAW FOODS CO.,LTD was founded in 2005, The brand image” Rejuvenator” is based on the concept of colostrums combined with a balanced diet of whole grains. We devoted to the development of the human body's natural growth and keep health,
People eat food for the day, Formerly, living in self-sufficient country life, although the diet is simple but strong and healthy. On the other hand, today, everything is about quick and convenient lifestyles and eating habits, cause many civilized diseases. The hidden worry behind it is even more worrying about the safety of the body! Therefore, the loyalty to the original diet is all the wage again! In view of this, Our development philosophy and goals are how to eat healthy and delicious.
We product the food with our honest and reliable attitude and provide high-quality health care food. With spirit of do not add preservatives, artificial spices and pigment, no heavy metal content and pesticide residues. All products have passed the international standard inspection. You will be quite reassuring and healthy when you take our products.



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